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DAP Lumut Liaison Committee organized ' Bubarkan DUN Perak, Pulangkan Hak Rakyat' dinner on the 9th of May 2009 in the SMJK Nan Hwa Sitiawan. Perak. The dinner went on smoothly and orderly until the police moved in to grab the amplifier, the VCD player, 2 LCD projectors and the LCD screens.

Dato' Ngeh challenged the Manjung OCPD, Tuan Mohd Jamil b. Osman to qoute the law that prevents the people from knowing the truth on what had happened in the recent state assembly by viewing the video clip. The OCPD unreasonably just said it was his condition in approving the dinner's permit.
The video clips can be viewed at the following website:

Part of the angry supporters that had gathered outside the Sitiawan Police station to show their support to YB Dato' Ngeh while he made the police report.

More FRU personnels outside of the hall. The DAP held an illegal mafia gathering or what? Please set your priority right! ( Coincidentally, there was a snatch theft that injured a lady near Simpang Ampat Chinese Methodist Church at around 8.45pm She was sent to hospital by an ambulance). The police should patrol the streets more often and need to prevent 'super high rate' of crimes rather than intimidating the laws abiding people. Where is the wisdom? Please do your job well.
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OM : Dan sesungguhnya mereka hampir-hampir berjaya mengganggumu daripada tinggal aman di bumi (Makkah) dengan tujuan mereka dapat mengusirmu dari negeri itu; dan jika berlaku demikian, maka mereka tidak akan tinggal di situ sesudahmu melainkan sedikit masa sahaja. Surah Al-Israa` ayat 76

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