Bad news !!!! Our enviroment will be affected,.... again!!!!

by Maria
(Ipoh, Perak)

'Some time ago I visited the bay of Teluk rubiah and I could see the resort that was there, it was in a position almost abandoned. As a tourist I take a bad impression and I felt sorry that this beautiful beach were wasted and contaminated with the coke that fuels the power plant nearby.

Is well known that the polluted waters attract more number of jellyfish that proliferate at the site. With the construction of a new industry in place, this problem affects not only increase in Teluk Rubiah but the entire surrounding area, ie as the most touristic like Teluk Batik and Pangkor, thus affecting the entire tourism industry.

Surely that noone took into account by allowing a company of this kind is installed here.Cleaner production solutions in this industry are typically not low-cost. At the low-cost end, recycling of foundry sand and cooling water are prominent. But real production process improvements tend to focus on new designs for furnaces and energy conservation, and these typically require significant capital investments.

The Brazilian company have probably as a reason to settle in this bay, the proximity of a source of energy and reserves where iron is removed, and for them the only thing that matters is that,low cost, not the people who live from tourism and fisheries.


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