Mr Paul Yong, Political secretary (012-5184733)
Mr Wong Gay Ming, Lumut Liaison Committee Chairman (016-5582622)
Ms Lin Hui (012-5233730) Pantai Remis (05-6772797)
Ms Anna - Beruas (05-6748152)
Ms Guak Sea (014-2556543)
Ms Ling - Sitiawan(05-6919923)
Mr Cheong Peng Choon

Any person with issue pertaining to the Police,JPJ, National service, Municipality, Yayasan Perak, Lands and Land Valuations, Birth Certificate, National Registration (JPN), Dermasiswa Negeri, Dermasiswa Kecil, LAP , TNB, TM, JKR and etc can contact the above mentioned person nearest to you.

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