15.10.2011, Lead View, Seri Manjung. Hosted by Pusat KOMAS.

FreedomFilmfest is an annual human rights film festival. The highlight of the festival is the premiere of our 2 winners' films from our film proposal competition. FFF2011 begins with the screening of 20 films over 2 days on 1-2 Oct in Wisma Bentley, Petaling Jaya.

The STAR link: Annual human rights film festival in Seri Manjung and Ipoh over the weekend

"This in an alternative platform to deal with various issues concerning the community without any political agenda," says member. Local Partner - Otai Manjung, and his friends (they do not have an official group yet) have been working in the local communities there to educate them of their rights.

The FFF is a platform to discuss issues openly without any political influence, something which is important in a tourist destination like Seri Manjung that is currently seeing growing industrialisation, he says.

"When there is massive and rapid development in an area, it is important for the people living there to know their rights as it will affect their lives. The new media is an effective tool for raising this awareness and we have noticed that there is a growing interest in it here."

The other film that will be screened is Senyap.... Tersentak which deals with electoral reform.

Ucapan Pembukaan oleh Wakil KOMAS Sdr Chong Lee Yow dan Adun Pasir Panjang DS Nizar Jamaluddin.

Tayangan pertama Filem J di SINI. Ulasan & Dialog Maklumbalas Filem "J"ANDA, Perundangan oleh Peguam Sdr Zamri.

Tayangan kedua Filem LOT, UMAH AM (Laut, Rumah Saya) di SINI. Ulasan & Dialog maklumbalas Filem 'Lot, Umah Am' (Laut, Rumah saya) - Kaum Seletar, Penerangan Lanjut berkait Orang Asli oleh Sdr Amri dari Kumpulan Orang Asli di Kampar.

Tayangan ketiga Filem SENYAP...TERSENTAK di SINI.  Ulasan & Dialog Maklumbalas Filem SENYAP....TERSENTAK, Perundangan oleh Peguam Sdr Zamri.

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